About Amor


Amor brings people together to provide transformational experiences that manifest the justice, kindness, and humility of Jesus Christ. Amor is committed to serving alongside families in need by building homes through life-changing mission trip opportunities. 


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The greatest impact Amor has is the transformation of lives around the world and of families receiving homes. 

Amor provides groups, families, and individuals with life-changing, Christ-centered trip opportunities by providing each mission team with the tools and resources that are necessary to build a home for a needy family.

Amor 365

You experience the greatest transformation when you join in what the local community is already doing. When you commit to Amor 365 with Amor, your gift produces an exponential impact 365 days of the year for all involved - collaborators from around the world, the families and local communities of Mexico and South Africa, Amor, and you. Partner with us, be transformed, and transform the lives of others.